Our Story

Our Story

Our family comes from the village of Veroli, south of Rome in the abundant Lazio region – where to this day good food is a religion. While we’re a first generation Canadian family, our father Attilio used to spend part of the year in Veroli cultivating his olives in the family orchard. It’s these very olives that we press into oil and bring to your table here in Ontario.

Carrying on the family tradition of cultivating, harvesting and pressing olives has been a labor of love that our father Attilio has passed on to us, his children. Every year we must travel to Veroli to harvest the olives in the autumn months.

It was not only the olive oil that inspired us to create a business around our father’s life-long passion but all the culinary experiences we were exposed to growing up in an Italian-Canadian home. Getting together with family and friends every year to make jars and jars of tomato sauce was a tradition. The sauces were made to old family recipes, and nothing has changed since those days. An appreciation for homemade sauces, fresh foods and family time was cultivated at a young age.

We have built Attilio’s from the ground up, soaking up all the knowledge and experience our father has passed on to us, right up until the day he passed away. We are proud of our Italian heritage, proud to be Canadian and proud to offer our products to you.

The Caschera Family